Our vocational school aims to grow technical personnel demanded in national platform who have high standarts, requiring knowledge, skill at technological developments in six different programs
Our machinery, textile and furniture program gradutes start to work right away as techicians.
Educational period is 4 semesters (2 years) long and there is a compulsary 40-day-long apprenticeship every student must serve. Work places must be accepted by apprenticeship council according to their suitability.
Foreign trade program graduates can easily find jobs at export departments. On the other hand, other employment options are available at banks and govermental organizations.
Banking program provides job oppurtinities for graduates not only in banks but also in many business sectors.
Stock Exchange market program gives education on an expertise absence of which is highly felt in Turkey. The graduates can work as financial and stock exchange market executives.
Textile program graduates can easily find jobs as textile technicians in this business sector.
Furniture and Decoration program provides qualified techical personnel on related sector which has developed immensely in recent years.
Machinery program aims to train graduate students capable of using technological machines especially in textile business.

Nazilli Vocational School was founded by The Council of Higher Education in 2004. The school continues its educational activities with an enrollment of 973 students in six programs of study while there are only 25 academic personnel.

Nazilli Vocational School (NVS), established in 2004 as an institute of Adnan Menderes University, started education with its two programs: foreign trade and textile. NVS is located in Sümer Campus and continuing education with its 10 academic and administration staff in two blocks. There are 20 offices for administration and academic staff in the first block that has two floors.
In the second block there are are 5 classrooms (50 students capacity), a computer laboratory (25 students capacity) and 2 lecture rooms (130 students capacity). Also there are a dining hall (300 persons capacity), a student canteen (60 students capacity) and a library that Nazilli Vocational School and Faculty of Economics and Administration Sciences use together in Sumer Campus.The  Campus includes a multifunctional recreation room and a reading room for administration and academic staff and a club house being under the construction stage. In a short time, a guesthouse with 12 rooms and 20 houses are being planned for the use of academic and administration staff of Campus.

Sümer Campus is 3.5 km away from city center. Arrival to campus is provided by minibuses departing from city center every 15 minutes. Distance between Aydın and Nazilli is 45 km and also there are service buses both from Aydin and Nazilli every 6 minutes. Moreover a bus departs from Nazilli to İzmir and Denizli every 30 minutes

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